HOTWIRED® Heated Pants Liner


Features and Benefits

  • Four (4) different temperature settings available while using a SEDICI HOTWIRED controller (sold separately)
  • Combine with the SEDICI HOTWIRED Jacket Liner using the SEDICI HOTWIRED Y-connector (sold separately)
  • Lightweight nylon outer shell for comfort
  • Worn under your existing gear
  • Ultra-fine micro-alloy heating elements heat to temperature in seconds
  • Gentle even warmth with zero hot spots
  • Quilted lining with comfort insulation to help keep you warm even when the pants are turned off
  • Automatic temperature cut off to keep you from overheating
  • Approximately 46 watts/4.5 amps at 12 volts


Don’t let cold weather keep you from riding, instead get a pair of Sedici Hotwired Heated Pants Liner and stay nice and warm. These lightweight heated pant liners are designed to be worn under your existing gear. The nylon outer shell is lightweight and flexible while the quilted liner with comfort insulation will help keep you warm even when the pants are turned off. Inside the pants are ultra-fine micro-alloy heating elements that are strategically placed to produce a gentle even warm in seconds with zero hot spots. The heating elements are so fine that they are virtually undetectable and are incredibly flexible so no mobility is loss. when combined with a Sedici Hotwired Y Connector the pants can be attached to the Sedici Hotwired Jacket Liner. If you don’t have the jacket, getting the Sedici Hotwired Controller allows you to use the pants on their own and provide for different levels of warmth with an auto-off switch so that you don’t over heat. Stay warm on cold rides with the Sedici Hotwired Heated Pants Liner.

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