HOTWIRED® Heated Glove Liners


Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, stretchable material for extreme comfort
  • Worn under existing gloves
  • Use independently with direct battery harness or use in conjunction with a SEDICI HOTWIRED Jacket Liner with pre-installed wiring system
  • Auto-off switch to keep your hands from overheating
  • Ultra-thin micro-alloy heating elements are nearly undetectable and are incredibly flexible so no mobility is lost
  • Heats to temperature in seconds
  • Approximately 22 Watts/2 Amps at 12 Volts

Keep your hands warm on cold rides with Sedici Hotwired Heated Glove Liners. These heated glove liners are made of a lightweight, flexible material to provide excellent comfort and no bulk. The ultra-thin micro-alloy heating elements are virtually undetectable and heat up very quickly to provide an even warmth throughout the glove in seconds. These elements are designed to have zero hot-spots and to be extremely flexible so you don’t lose any mobility while wearing the glove. There is an auto-off switch build into the liner so your hands won’t overheat. The gloves can be used by hooking them up directly to the motorcycle or via the Sedici Hotwired Heated Jacket Liner 2.0 and can be worn under any motorcycle glove. Wear a pair of Sedici Hotwired Heated Glove Liners and your hands will never be cold again.

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